Modular accessories system allows you to customize each weapon for every member of your fireteam.

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  • Apr 7 2014

    Two New Mid-season Sets Storm the Battlefront

    Spring 2014 saw the extension of the new 2013 Call of Duty line with the release of three World War II-themed sets. Now that the season is in full-swing, there are two all-new modern military-themed sets hitting shelves to keep collectors satisfied. The first is an all-new troop pack – the Jungle Troopers. Five jungle-themed [...]

  • Jan 27 2014

    Call of Duty® Troop Packs: Customizable troopers for customizable missions

    For many Mega Bloks Collectors, the coolest inclusion in this past Fall’s Call of Duty® Collector Construction sets was the troop packs. Three different themes, each with five different highly-poseable figures, five modular weapons and a ton of accessories. The three themes that defined the troop packs were three common landscapes from the Call of [...]

  • Dec 18 2013

    A force to be reckoned with: The Heavy Armor Outpost

    Storming onto the scene this Fall, the Heavy Armor Outpost is exactly what collectors of awesome, modern military-themed construction sets have long been looking for: a detailed, realistically-scaled tank. The impressive scale of this military behemoth is worth mentioning right up front. When placed into a scene with the figures, it feels perfect. Perfectly massive, [...]