Modular accessories system allows you to customize each weapon for every member of your fireteam.

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  • Jul 9 2014

    Symon Six: Profile of a Hobby Toy Photographer

    There’s nothing cooler for me to see than when fans submit really sharp, funny, cool photos of their Mega Bloks sets in our Collectors community. Many of the coolest set images always seem to come from the same source: Symon Six. So I reached out to him to ask a few questions about what it takes […]

  • Apr 7 2014

    Two New Mid-season Sets Storm the Battlefront

    Spring 2014 saw the extension of the new 2013 Call of Duty line with the release of three World War II-themed sets. Now that the season is in full-swing, there are two all-new modern military-themed sets hitting shelves to keep collectors satisfied. The first is an all-new troop pack – the Jungle Troopers. Five jungle-themed […]

  • Jan 27 2014

    Call of Duty® Troop Packs: Customizable troopers for customizable missions

    For many Mega Bloks Collectors, the coolest inclusion in this past Fall’s Call of Duty® Collector Construction sets was the troop packs. Three different themes, each with five different highly-poseable figures, five modular weapons and a ton of accessories. The three themes that defined the troop packs were three common landscapes from the Call of […]